Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thank Goodness it's Friday Tomorrow!

Phew, what a week it's been!
Not wanting to wish away precious time but I am so glad it's Friday tomorrow!
I have a relatively free day after 11.45 when my supervisee leaves.
I intend to photograph and list several dozen items on my web site. I really need to get organised and up to date, my office and work room looks like Steptoes' back yard at the moment!!
I have porcelain doll kits, furniture, flooring and lots of accessories of all kinds handmade to photograph and list. It's all good but time consuming.....oh I wish I could do this all the time for a living.....tiring as it is, it's what I love doing the most and soooo rewarding.
I have had some lovely messages of encouragement and feedback this week from both collectors and other miniaturist artisans, it really does make it all feel worthwhile doesn't it?!
Though I haven't had a lot of free time I have managed to explore some of the miniatures blogs out there and I am mesmerised, inspired and humbled by people's creative ability. As a creative arts therapist by profession (in my other life that pays the bills!) it makes me realise how, at time, our creativity can be surpressed when we get a little burnt out by the pressures of life.....thank you everyone for inspiring my own creativity again!! :))
I made a couple of little things in between all of my other jobs, just to chill out and refocus my energies, here they are, two of mine and i've also included one made for me by Gary because it's really cool ;)

Castle and Knights for Dolls House Nursery by Gary Spencer exclusively for Lorraine Miniatures

Woody Nursery Toy

Wedding Cake by Lorraine Cooper

                                                     Miniature Tutu by Lorraine Cooper

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  1. Nice to meet you Lorraine, and thanks for finding me. Your work is beautiful, I love the tutu and the floral arrangements that you make. I have just recently came back to miniatures after a 20 yr hiatus, and I've become obsessed! I have my first dollhouse that I started building, and now I'm determined to finish it, of course, are they ever finished! I think not! Have a wonderful weekend.