Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Not Have a Go!

At both Lorraine Miniatures and The Craft Pack Company we have added lots of new items to tempt you this past two weeks.

At Craft Pack for instance, Emma and I have been working on the design and production of at least 15 new kits. I have already made up and listed 6 of them along with another 20 by makers from around the world this weekend. More will be added over the next two weeks along with new craft and creative materials to tempt even the most die hard miniaturists amongst us! 

Emma had kept some kits 'for a rainy day' that I inherited when I took over The Craft Pack Company in November. I am working on these at the moment, a sample kit has to be made first to photograph for the pack front and web image, this gives us the opportunity to iron out any glitches and see how the finished product looks before we launch it. It's time consuming but rewarding as we see our kits made up for ourselves. After all we need to be sure that what we are offering to customers is something we can be proud of and know works in reality, not just our imaginations! 

These are some of the new kits available. Some bought or created with Valentines day in mind, and there will be more!

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  1. Your miniatures are wonderful!
    I make miniatures. I can be part of your followers?