Monday, October 4, 2010


Visited Miniatura yesterday (Sunday 3rd October 2010) It isn't what it used to be. I felt quite sad. Perhaps it is the economy and the fact that a budget is looming....perhaps it is the fact that the ticket line was telling people last week that tickets where sold out when in fact that was not true and people where actually able to buy them on the door for both days! That's not good for exhibitors who paid a lot of money for a stand or for visitors who where put off thinking they wouldn't get in so didn't bother to make the journey! I spoke to lots of exhibitors who said their sales where down from previous years and they may not exhibit there again next very sad. However, I had some lovely chats with some wonderful people who I greatly admire. Liz from PMP, Margaret from Delph, Jenny from Heidi Ott, Debie who was helping Mary Williams, Angie Scarr and many more wonderful artisans. Well, I had a lovely time and spent farrrrr too much money!! For me the lack of pushing and shoving due ot the fewer people there was refreshing though not so good for the people who had put some much work into preparing their artistic creations for the show.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time at Miniaturia. Would love to see the goodies you brought.

  2. Most of them are on my web site now as I bought a lot of things in the trade section rather than for my own collection! However, I enjoy this just as much as I love to find new things to tantilise my customers, I get almost as much pleasure finding new things for others (like a personal shopper!) as I do to add to my own collection. I did have a greta time....but it was oh so tiring.