Monday, October 25, 2010

Started off with a :( ended the day with a :)

My baby (car) has gone to the hospital (garage) to be operated on after a naughty man hurt her (colleague bumped her in the car park at work)! I am jinxed...this is the second time I have had my car bumped at work in 5 years! Now I am driving a shed of a car loaned to me by the insurance.....hey least I am mobile :)

My son had a rehearsal tonight for a tallent agency and they loved his monologue based on 'knowhere boy' particularly his Liverpudlian accent for the role, they even asked him to sing which was an extra improvisation so they must have been interested in him....good thing he can sing too ;) I never fail to be amazed by his Bond eat your heart out...LOL!

No new miniatures completed today, just a few more added to my web site as I have been working in the I am off for a whole will be creating and sorting all week......yipee!!

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